Does Green Coffee Have Negative Effects?

cafe verdeThe beans of a green coffee is not roasted, the green coffee bean is high in chlorogenic acid that can be destroy when it roasted. Chlorogenic acid helps fight cardiovascular diseases and it also helps people in losing weight, green coffee has many health benefits.

Green coffee bean is popular in many health benefits especially in terms of effortless weight loss. It is not proven by professional study but it helps a lot in increasing your metabolism. It has no serious bad effects when you use green coffee beans, researchers shown that if you just take the recommended amount, it can help to decrease blood pressure for some people.

When you use green coffee beans in 10 to 12 weeks with the recommended amount of 80 mg to 200 mg it can result to a reasonable weight loss, and more than 10% of a person’s body fat that is considered overweight will lose. Now it is the bestselling supplement for weight loss.

The green coffee bean also contains caffeine like other coffee bean, that is why it is related in some negative effects to your health. Make sure that if you use green coffee bean, you are having enough because it can have negative effect if overuse. You need to consult your doctor when you get on any weight loss program, and using green coffee bean is need to consult your doctor.

There are no specific negative effects in using green coffee beans, but there are a few side effects that are linked to using green coffee beans that is called green coffee beans side effects. The main negative effects that is linked in using green coffee bean is having osteoporosis, it is a medical situation that can cause a weak bone because of deficiency of vitamin D and calcium.


Caffeine can be a reason to dissolve the calcium in your bones by passing in to your urine. If your bone is lack in calcium, it can be weak and breakable. You can only consume caffeine for maximum of 300 mg a day that is equivalent of 10 cups of coffee. You must limit your consumption of caffeine or else you will be lack in calcium in your bones. Overuse of caffeine is also connected to anxiety, insomnia and being restless. A pregnant woman and a breast-feeding woman should avoid the products that have caffeine.

Warning, if you are using caffeinated products or drinks, you should exercise, because it can also cause nausea and vomiting. Study says that consumption of green coffee bean or too much caffeine can lower or affect your blood sugar composition. If you have diabetes, you have to limit your caffeine consumption and monitor your blood sugar level.

There is proof that when you are using green coffee bean, it will surely help you to lose weight, but if you do not limit your consumption of green coffee, it can lead you to some serious negative health effects. You can check more articles on green coffee at the CaféVerdeBR, a brazilian blog that is specialized in green coffee beans.

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Effective Tips on How to Have Healthy Hair

woman with healthy copper hair

It is definitely the wish of everyone his or her hair to be always healthy. Some people have frayed, dull or damaged hair. Hair is mostly affected by the different chemicals and dyes that people apply.

However, you can have your hair healthier by following simple rules such as a healthy styling and washing habit, eating nourishing diet as well as avoiding harsh hair treatments. Here are tips on how to have healthy hair.

Change your washing routine

Washing your hair daily can make it dry out since you will be washing the oils produced by your scalp away. Washing daily can also lead to oily hair because stripping your hair of its oil makes the oil gland to go into overdrive. Instead, try this routine.

  • Try to be washing your hair only 3 or 4 times per week. This is because allowing for a break helps to restore its balance. After doing this for sometimes, your hair will look more vibrant and healthy than ever.
  • Use cold water to wash your hair. This is because hot water is usually hard on the hair and thus it can lead to split ends and frizz. Cold water helps one’s hair shaft close resulting to a bouncy and shiny hair.

Handle your hair gently

After washing your hair you need to gently pat it dry using a towel rather than wringing it out. Allow it to finish air drying. Use a comb rather than a brush to comb your hair. Avoid forcing a brush through the tangled hair since this may cause it to rip and break. Always use a wide-toothed comb when combing your hair.

Use egg oil

Egg oil is known to contain omega 3 fatty acids, cholesterol and anti-oxidants and therefore it is just like a complete solution to hair problems such as grey hair, frizzy hair and hair loss.

Use natural hair care products

Natural hair products lead to great results. Most shampoos are made using strong cleansers which strip the natural oils from the hair causing it to get frayed and frizzy. Use a natural shampoo made using cleansing oils and herbs instead. You can also use conditioners made with coconut oil, Shea butter and pure substances that add moisture to your hair. However, avoid using styling products which contain more chemicals.

Treat your hair using oil

For you to restore the softness and shininess of your hair, apply oil to your hair twice a week. You may use oil instead of conditioner if your hair is already dry. You also need to do the following once per week.

  • Massage your hair using almond or olive oil
  • Cover your hair using a plastic wrap or shower cap
  • Allow oil to sit in the hair for two hours
  • Rinse hair using cold water till water runs clear. Then use shampoo and condition as usual.

Other tips that may work out fine for you include eating nutrients which nourish hair like vitamin B and beef, protect your hair from various elements as well as trimming your hair often plus many others. Try all these tips and your hair will always be healthy.

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